Rangoli Designs

One such tradition to ward off evil spirits was the drawing of Rangoli's on the floor near the main doorway to the house. Rangoli, a spiritual art form has been widespread all over India. The Hindi name Rangoli, is a joining of two different words - rang and avalli which means a row of colours. Rangoli is one of the most common art forms in India and can also be used on walls, as well as floors as art. Rangoli are also sometimes known as Alpana, Aripana, Madana, Chowkpurana or Kolam.

Most Rangoli are geometrical patterns that include many things such as:

Lines, Dots, Squares, Circles, Triangles, Footprints, Trees, Flowers, Swastikas, Creepers, Leaves, Fish, Conch shell, Lotus, Trident, Spirals and Animals.

These basic Rangoli style designs were all designed by me, but feel free to use them for any non profit uses.
Here are tattoo-flashz gallery for rangoli design art: