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Ami James Showing his tattoos on family vacation beach

Ami James Tattoos

Great Body Artwork by Ami james.

Aj McCarron Tattoo

Aj McCarron Big Chest Tattoo

Gucci Mane’s Ice Cream Face Tattoo

To celebrate being released from a mental hospital, Gucci Mane got a giant face tattoo of a three-scoop ice cream cone with lightning bolts shooting out of it and the word "Brrr." But why?

To be clear, the above sentence is not parody: Gucci Mane had himself declared mentally incompetent after being arrested driving on the wrong side of the road. He went to the loony bin, then got out, and he'll be back in court at the end of January. He has yet to explain the tattoo, which an employee at the tattoo parlor announced on Twitter. Here are our theories:
  • He would like to be declared crazy again.
  • He wandered by a fairground and found himself strangely jealous of the children with kittens and butterflies painted on their cheeks.
  • He's styling himself as the softer, sweeter version of Ice Cube. (Apparently lyrics in "So Icy" and his version of "C.R.E.A.M." might actually support this theory.)
  • He likes it when you lick his face.
  • He is coming to terms with a rare birth defect that gave him a three testicles. The three scoops represent his testes; the cone, his striated penis; "Brrr" a metaphor for the chilling loneliness his self-consciousness creates.
  • It's cool.

Wiz Khalifa Tattoos

Before we talk about Wiz Khalifa tattoos, we've better get to know him closer.

Wiz Khalifa is a stage name for Cameron Jibril Thomas, an American rapper known best for singles such as "Black and Yellow" and "Say Yeah." His name is derived from arabic word "khaleefa" which means "successor" and shortened word from wisdom, wiz. Khalifa once stated to that his name also came from being called "young Wiz' cause I was good at everything I did, and my granddad is Muslim, so he gave me that name; he felt like that's what I was doing with my music." In his career, khalifa has been influenced by artists such as Jay-Z, Cam'ron, and the Notorious B.I.G.

Khalifa was born on September 8, 1987 in Minot, North Dakota in a military family. The family moved to Pittsburgh when Khalifa was the age of two. His mother and a father divorced when he was three years old. His parents' military service caused the family to move on a regular basis. Over the last decade, Khalifa lived in the U.S., Germany, England, and Japan.

Khalifa got his stage name tattooed on his 17th birthday. And since then started the "tattoo gallery" on his body.