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Miley Cyrus Tattoo - on pink bikini

Miley Cyrus reveals her new tattoo as she parades around in a hot pink bikini
From posing topless for Vanity Fair to indulging in a steamy kiss on-screen, Miley Cyrus appears to be desperate to leave the squeaky-clean Hannah Montana behind.

And judging from these latest pictures, her desire to shake off her fictional alter-ego couldn't be more obvious as she strutted around a Florida hotel yesterday in a teeny bikini while showing off a recently-inked tattoo.

The 17-year-old singer was snapped enjoying a relaxing day with friends at the Fontainebleau Resort on Miami Beach as she lay by the pool having wrapped up her Wonder World world tour the night before.

But it wasn't the skimpy neon pink two-piece that attracted all the attention, but what appeared to be the words 'Just Breathe' tattooed in black ink on her ribcage just under her left breast.

She also appeared to be describing the design to her friend after she was snapped gesturing at it with her hands.

In theory, Miley is not legally allowed to have a tattoo as she is under 18, which is the legal age to be inked in the US.

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Girls Thigh Tattoos Design

Tasteful thigh tattoos for girls look great, especially when you’re bikini … Thigh tattoos for girls are available in many different designs.

Across the globe, leg tattoos and other types of tattoos can be dated back as far as the Neolithic and Paleolithic eras – starting mainly in Japan and other islands such as Polynesia and Tahiti as well as many areas of Europe.

Leg tattoos have different cultural significance across the world. In both Eastern and some Western cultures leg tattoos through history have been the reserved symbols of warriors.

In other parts of the world, tattoos on the thighs and calves are applied slowly over time as symbols of spiritual growth.

Tribal Cross Tattoo Free Collection

Same can be said of faith:
it´s not something that can be
kept inside preestablished borders and rituals,
no matter what religion, and very seldom it
can be reached through straight,
easy ways, but through paths that
often seem to be random, and seldom are.