Tribal Cross Tattoo

For 20 years, we have been seeing that tribal crosses tattoos are in fashion. and it is an evergreen design that is not going out of fashion. People Specially guys and musicians are going crazy for it.

The main reason behind this popularity we think lies in their rich cultural heritage. on the other hand While some people choose a design that is trendy at a particular point of time.

Gothic tribal cross tattoos are symbols of Christianity that have taken on a darker side. Gothic cross tattoos are heavy and bold. They are usually done in black or dark colors. The gothic subculture is preoccupied with death and the tattoos that represent it show that preoccupation.

Throughout the designs you will see an expression of pain and anger. Gothic designs can be very disturbing because they are centered around death and darkness. Gothic cross tattoos can have a wide variety of designs. They are only limited by your imagination.

Gothic cross tattoos will usually have some type of symbol representing death involved. You might see a dagger entwined within the cross with a single drop of blood falling off the blade. Barbed wire going around the middle of the cross where the pieces intersect is common.