Tattoo For Girls - Placement Ideas

Now you have choose your body part for tattooing. So it is time to pick an amazing tattoo design. As we said earlier you must remember right kind of tattoo on right kind of body part will work for you. Let's see here we are telling you some great tattoo ideas for girls.

Shooting Star Tattoos
Now a days we are seeing that shooting star is one of the most popular tattoos which are specially popular amongst girls. We think girls and women specially those who have that inner desire to be famous like this design as their tattoo a lot.

Lower Back Fairy Tattoos
Cute fairy tattoo designs are a great choice for tattoos for girls. They are versatile and can be fit into your lower back. So you must think about this design it really will really work for you.

Foot Star Tattoos for Girls
we are seeing that girls are loving to place wonderful stars on their foot and these number of people is increasing day by day.

Lower Back Rose Tattoos
For many years we have seen Rose is becoming one of the best choices as a tattoo design for sexy girls and ladies lower back.

Butterfly Flower Tattoos
As girls you love beautiful things so how can you avoid beautiful butterfly and flower. By combining them you can get a mind blowing tattoo design for you.

Anyway, these are some tattoo recommendation from us. Though there are thousands tattoos for girls available in tattoo world. You can find information about them by following left hand side link. But one thing keep in mind if you have chosen any other design and you are 100% satisfy with it then go with your chosen design. Because your tattoo will be with you rest of whole life. These recommendation will work only if you have not chosen any design.

Eagle Tattoo Meaning

The main reason the eagle tattoo is a popular design is because of its great meaning. It actually was one of the first tattoos done on people, before they even were called tatoos.

Depending on what you want the tatt to signify, it can mean a variety of different things. For example, many people associate the eagle with the United States. It is on the money and is a symbol of strength, honor and loyalty.

Many people get this tatoo as a way to honor their country. You can show your love for your country with this tattoo by selecting certain Eagle depictions along with the flag or national colors or pick eagle images that have other meanings since there are many different things that an eagle can represent.

The eagle tattoo also represents nature, in particular, the sun. In ancient times, it was the symbol of the Greek god Zeus. Because of this connection, the eagle is a very powerful symbol. Zeus was said to be the ultimate god, so having the same symbol as him says a lot about your personality.

Another popular meaning of this tattoo relates to people in the military. They get this as a symbol of how they are protecting the country they love. People who are police officers and firefighters also often are seen with this tattoo.

popular meaning of an eagle tattoo is freedom. Eagles are viewed as the ultimate bird by many people because they are so powerful and large. When you use this meaning, it can give you the sense that you have the freedom and the power to do anything you want in life.

Nothing can hold you back when you have an eagle tattoo. Another meaning of this popular tattoo goes back to Norse mythology. They were representatives of wisdom in their culture, so having this tattoo can bring you wisdom.

The way in which you get your eagle tattoo also has meaning. For example, you can have your eagle soaring in your design or you can have the bird perched ready to take flight. If it is sitting, it can represent that you are ready to take action in your life.

If it already is flying, then it can mean that you are going places with your life. Because there is such a strong history surrounding these majestic birds, it is a design sought after by people from all backgrounds. This one tattoo can bring together people who otherwise would have nothing in with each other.

Koi Fish Tattoo and Meaning

As far as the symbolism with the koi fish tattoo is concerned it is supposed to act as a good luck charm. The particular meaning attached to the koi fish is relative to the environment in which it is found. The koi fish in the wild generates a different feeling than the ones in the pond. Their Chinese counterparts on the other hand have a very generalized interpretation regarding the image of the koi fish.

The wide range of koi fish tattoos has different meanings. For example a koi fish tattoo design with the fish moving against the stream is a symbolic representation of strength. This is because in life it takes a lot of guts to face the tide that fate has to unfold for you. In other cases the koi fish also represents perseverance or victory that has been achieved over a struggle.

Another symbolic meaning that koi fish tattoos have for the masses is that of independence. This perception is more influenced by the west where going against the norm of society is a thing to be celebrated. The koi tattoo shows the wearers pride in being the odd one out and not caring about the opinions of others. Basically the koi fish becomes a very personal message that people try to put out for others to see.

2012 Tattoo Design for Girls 2012 - Black Light Tattoo Pattern

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