Pin Up Girls Tattoo Meaning and Designs

Pinup girl tattoos are hot and that is not just referring to the physical beauty of the girl in the tattoo. No I mean they are a hot tattoo theme to get done these days as they are definetly comming back in style in a big way!

Pinup girl tattoos have a pretty long history in the field of tattoos. Pin up girls as a word or phrases has come to mean a girl that is so beautiful that you would want to pin up or post her image on the wall.

So naturally pinup girl tattoos are all tattoos of super hot girls. Now historically what was thought of as "Hot" and what might be "hot" today has changed.

What I mean to say is a traditional pinup girl tattoo is not going to be wearing a thong and low rise jeans with a bucket cap on or anything that modern.

In fact pin up girls have had such a long history in our society that many of the more traditional designs were a lot less risky in today's terms then they once were.

Very basically then a pinup girl tattoo is any tattoo that falls ino the category of having a really beautiful women incorporated into the tattoo design.

Traditonally the whole body of the women was displayed in the tattoo and they were typically lying down, bent over or even in a wine glass.

Whatever the pose might be it typically was in a sexy come hither type of pose with the women's face looking directly at the viewer.

Very often pinup girl tattoo will go along with other symbols also. Probably the most classic is the old sailor pinup girl tattoo with an anchor. Other common add ons are good luck tattoo like dice, cards, horseshoe and etc.