Lily Tattoo and Philosophy

A white lily is the epitome of innocence and purity, although in some cultures the lily is linked with the erotic due to its genital-like shape. Christians have associated the lily with God, faith and Christ, which is why it is so popular around Easter.

The Greeks and Egyptian linked the lily with fertility, and similarly the French adopted it as their coat-of-arms in the 12th century in the hope of encouraging a prosperous blood line.

Since they are linked to the resurrection a lily will often be found near a coffin in the hope to lead the newly dead soul on to its next life.

There are people, who are so rough, harsh and masculine, and there are some who are touch and soft, people vary from culture to tradition. Before people are not so open minded about things that do not meet their standards, people not meeting the society standards are often called as anti social, black sheep etc, but today they are not, norms and standards are followed by some buy they are respect the independence and liberality of other people.

We all have a soft side, it’s one thing that we don’t let others see in us for we are too scared that they might used it against us, that is why we always shows the other side of us the hard side, but we cannot deny that there are times that our soft side comes out, especially if we are in love we tend to give all and shoe all.

Lily tattoos is associated with a person soft side, those who are loving would tend to have a lily tattoo to show their love ones how much they love them, some homosexual goes for lily tattoos too for it greatly symbolizes hope and purity, and there are many people who go for lily tattoos because they give an impression to others that even they are strong and brave to look at still they have this soft side within them.

The simplicity and stylishness of lily tattoos gives people an exceptional choice, cause having one denotes or implicates various meanings.

All Pictures are my collection of lily tattoos on girls side, rib, and hip.