Ankle Tattoo

Until a few decades ago, the trend of women getting tattoos had not yet become very popular. However, in the recent decades, more and more women have been getting tattoos including tattoos on the arms, lower back and sexy, feminine ankle tattoos.. This has led to creation of designs that are predominantly called feminine tattoo designs.

Considering that a woman’s physical build is likely to be smaller than men, and women have a tendency to prefer delicate designs as opposed to heavy macho ones, feminine tattoo designs tend to be small, delicate and sexy.

There are many locations for a sexy feminine tattoo. However one particular location has been the hot favorite for years. You may not be surprised to find that I am referring to the ankle. An ankle tattoo is a great way to highlight the end of what many people consider to one of the sexiest parts of the female body.

They draw attention to the legs and highlight the delicate ankle bone.Another reason that this location is favored by women is that men cannot share it with them. In the case of men, a tattoo reaching the ankle is usually an extension of a large tattoo on the leg.

Otherwise, it is quite pointless for men to get a tattoo on their ankles as it is most likely to be hidden by shoes and socks for most of their lifetime.On the other hand, women can flaunt their ankle tattoo as an when they want.

Especially with high heels, sexy feminine ankle tattoos can look very dramatic. On the other hand, an ankle tattoo is also very easy to cover up.

When women prefer not to show their ankle tattoos, mostly for professional reasons, they can simply choose to wear long trousers or socks and shoes.